90 years strong

On April 15, 1926, Charles Lindbergh flew the first American Airlines flight – conveying U.S. mail from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois. Following 8 years of mail courses, the aircraft started to shape into what it is today. American organizer C.R. Smith worked with Donald Douglas to make the DC-3; a plane that changed the whole carrier industry, exchanging income sources from mail to travelers.



June 25, 1936

American is the principal aircraft to fly the DC-3 in business administration from New York to Chicago


All American Aviation, later US Airways, is established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June 10, 1939

American starts exchanging on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)



American starts working administration just because with American Overseas Airlines


American sets up its upkeep and building base in Tulsa, Oklahoma



American pioneers relentless cross-country administration over the U.S. with the Douglas DC-7

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American opens the world’s first uncommon office for airline steward preparing, the American Airlines Stewardess College, in Dallas/Fort Worth

January 1959

American presents the Lockheed Electra, the first U.S.- planned turboprop plane


December 3, 1964

American contracts Dave Harris, the main African-American pilot for a business carrier


January 1970

American converges with Trans Caribbean Airways, picking up Caribbean courses


May 1, 1981

American presents AAdvantage®, the principal carrier steadfastness program

August 1, 1983

America West starts activities in Tempe, Arizona

November 1, 1984

American presents the American Eagle framework

December 20, 1989

American declares plans to extend its Latin American administration with courses from Eastern Airlines


Walk 27, 1991

American praises its 1 billionth client

July 1, 1997

Every single American flight become nonsmoking


January 10, 2001

American reports intends to secure Trans World Airlines resources

September 11, 2001

American grievously loses 23 individuals, including pilots, airline stewards and relatives, in the occasions encompassing Flights 11 and 77

September 27, 2005

US Airways converges with America West

November 13, 2008

American presents versatile tickets


December 9, 2013

AMR Corporation and US Airways Group authoritatively structure the American Airlines Group

May 7, 2015

American flies its first income trip with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

October 16, 2015

US Airways flies its last flight, Flight 1939

October 17, 2015

American and US Airways start working as one aircraft with a Single Passenger Service System