What other features does Google flights have?

Google Flights has become a trend for travel enthusiasts now a days but this phenomenon is still new for many users. Let us understand why Google Flights is our top choice for Booking Flights and why should you switch to Google Flights Search for planning your trips. Booking a flight for going anywhere can lead to confusion. There are so many websites available on the internet; every site claims to offer you the cheapest market. However, as soon as you want to book a ticket, it so happens, many hidden charges also get added to your ticket. All these things create confusion. To clear all the confusion, Google flights is the best option to book a trip. Google flights have so many features; you can get the best prices if you apply some tricks and tips to find a cheaper flight. However, you need to familiarize yourself with google flights search. How does it work? What are the ways to find the cheapest tickets?
Google Flights features

The Trip option in Google flights

The Trip option in Google flights This is the first option when you click on those three lines in the left upper corner.  In this option, You can keep track of all the location, for which you are finding flights. It’s beneficial when you are planning for a multiple city flights search. There are a total of 12 cities, for which the records are kept. You can click on continue planning to know if you did any travel searches, or finding flights. If you needed to book a hotel, its history is here as well. In short, let’s say, you need to travel to six cities in upcoming months, but you do want to book the tickets all at once, waiting for lower fares. Once you have created a search, you can look for prices, then reserve. This is the most significant benefit of this feature in google flights.


This is the second option in Google flights. In short, if you want to know about a city before visiting it, This is the best option on the internet to do it. However, a fact you should be aware of, the information provided here is only about the tourist attraction. Not any else thing. Like crime or population knowledge. So, what does it do?   For this, let’s take the example of the city. We type Miami and get the results. There are three main things we get: travel Guide, Things to Do, and Day plans.  In travel Guide, It gave an introduction to Miami city, where it is, why it is famous? , then an opportunity to book a room in a hotel. Then what is the best time to visit? For Miami, It shows, August, September, and October is the foremost time. If you want more info, Then there are links to other Articles, Videos, and suggestion for visiting nearby places in Miami.

The Flights option

The third feature is flights; we already knew about it. If you want to book your flights, you use this option.

The Hotels

Well, as the name suggests, you can book a hotel from Here As well. It has plenty of option to choose. Similar to flights, there are multiple filters to get the best hotel for your needs.

The packages

If you want to get the whole for a destination. Well, this is the thing you are looking for. The package will include everything, From flights tickets, hotels booking and sightseeing as well.