There are very few flight search websites on the internet, which have achieved cult status: every traveler, no matter whether an expert or a novice recommends Google Flights. However, as we say, there are things on the website which lay dormant. Until you go to them and use them, they won’t be awaked. So, Today in this blog, we are going to guide you to use it. You will see how you can utilize the feature to its potential and get the cheapest flight tickets on the internet. However, as everything has its drawbacks, this website has some of them too, which we will discuss in brief.  However first let’s see the basic things about it, then moving on to advance ideas.


How to access Google Flights?

The first thing which comes to mind, how you can access Google flights. There are two ways. First, you can go to a search engine, search for it. Then click on the official website. The second way is to directly type the website address in the address bar. Now when you are on the site, you will see the flight search interface.

The default Flight search Interface in Google Flights

So, what are the things included in the interface? We will see them one by one. First, there is a flight search bar. It is similar to any other flight search site. First is about the kind of trip you want to take? Like there is Round trip, One way, and Multi-city trip. The second is the number of passengers which is Divided into Adults, children, Infants in seat and infants on lap. The maximum number of passengers can be allowed for search is nine. In Google Flights, more than nine number of passengers will not work. The third is for choosing the class. Here you will four categories.

There is Economy, Premium Economy, Business and first-class. After it, there are two boxes to type the names of cities. The first box is for the departure city. The second box is for arrival city. Departure city is from where you will take your flight. The arrival city is for where you want to go. For example, if you’re going to take a trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Then Las Vegas is the departure city, and Los Angeles is the arrival city. After this,there is an option to choose dates. You can click on it to select within two months. You can scroll for more, and click on Reset to search again. Also check out our guide on Visit to Grand Canyon.

Last, you can click on search for searching for cheap flights on Google Flights. However, if you see below it, there are two more things. One is the list of the suggested trip from a particular place. The other thing is a map. Do not think it is useful. It is when you know how to use it.As we said before, you need to awake it for using its full potential. You will see the option of ‘Explore destination.


The knows destinations and The unknown Destination.

There are two ways of using Google Flights to get the cheapest deals. We will explore them one by one. First is the search for a flight for a knows location. You go to the website, then Enter the details of the trip, passenger and class. Then the names of city in departure and arrival. Enter the dates, then hit on search. Their Google flights will show you the list of all the flights. There are many features here which can help you to find the right deals. We will see what are those features with an example to understand it better.We will take the example of above from Las Vegas to los Angeles. The dates would be between October 1 and October 5, 2019.

Let’s see now how we can find the cheapest deals and explore the feature in it as you see the list of flights. You will the cheapest price would be less than $50. However it can change any minute. So if you are searching for it, you may find the same price or not. So the real question is can we get the price cheaper if we are willing to adjust the dates. Afterall the airfares depend upon the amount. To search for it, let’s see what those features to use are?

Date Grid –

This is the first feature to look for. Click on it. As you can see the prices on each date, you will see the price drops even further to less than $40 if you move the date from October 5 to October 6. The lower prices are in green, and the higher prices are in red. You can choose the dates now as per your preferences. Let’s move on to the next feature.

Track Prices –

It is a simple yet powerful tool for getting the flight prices updates in real-time. You drag it right; then it gets enable to send you price updates. Whenever there is a change, you will see a mail in your inbox. However it only works when you have a Gmail account. So if you are not using one, get one, then you can receive the updates.

Price Graph –

The third on our list. Which can be very useful to track the price trend. Now for the same trip, we can see the price trend. You will see the bar going low at the beginning of October month. However, it goes higher at the end of the same month. In one stroke, you know it is not a good thing to book at the end of the month if you are willing to adjust the dates.

The airlines are Frontier airlines reservations, American Airlines, and Alaska airlines. However, if you see the frontier airline, they are not allowing the bags. So you need to look for an airline with a low price and with baggage access. This is one of the prominent features of Google flights.

Now the process we have discussed is for known destinations. Now if you want to explore an unknown destination, you can do it via clicking the map.

So, this was our guide on Google flights. Hope you will find the cheap tickets for your destination. The only drawback we could find in Google Flights is about some airlines. We could check the prices of those particular airlines. So with this, this guide is complete. However there are many things which we are going to include in the future.

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