There is always something special about the city. It could be its cuisine culture or city attraction which make is famous. However, Seattle is renowned for its diversity. People from all over the world come here to work, to enjoy and to see beautiful places. Being the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has the enigma & charm.  There is a combination of skyscrapers with the outline of Olympic Mountain. Then the urban environment with the natural scenery. So if you are for a holiday, Then search Cheap flights on Google Flights, Book tickets and come here instantly.  However, what are those best things here? Let’s take a look.

Space Needle

As I said before, there is a symbol to represent a city. Space needle does the same for Seattle Being the center attraction of it more than 60 years; you could not expect less from it. A timeless and ageless beauty.  You will go up in a glass elevator up to 160 meters. Once you are there on the top, you will get a panorama view. So, be ready with your camera and smartphone to take pictures. However if you are hungry avoid eating nearby market as the food is pricey. Check the weather as well.

Pike Place Market

First do not go there on weekends, as they get very crowded on Sunday and Saturday. Now this market has a history going back to 1907.As I said, it has diversity in people as well as in food. There are seasonal produce, Fish markets, Food store for rare ingredients and a craft market. There are more than 200 Traders here to present you the thing you wish. First it would be best to walk around, getting the feel of the place. After it, you can do some shopping. Did I tell you, Space needle is nearby, so if you want to cover them in one day? You can do it.


Museum of Pop Culture 

Establish by the Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen, it is the home of video games, Sci-fi literature, and music of every genre. However it was not always like this. Before 2016 it was known as Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame which in 2016 was renamed as Museum of pop culture. The building was designed by Frank O. Gehry.   Did I tell you about the props and consumer from the movie ‘ A nightmare on elm street, The Walking Dead and buffy? The list does not stop here. If you love movies, then these places will surely surprise here. For Cheap flights and hotels deals in Seattle, you can check them on Google Flights

This is all for now. I am sure you are going to love the places I have told you. In the next post, I will tell about it more. Also check out more info on American Airlines Reservations for exciting deals and offers