Southwest Airlines Reservations



Callsign -Southwest

FOUNDED ON – March 15, 1967

Destinations –  101

Fleet Size -754

Headquarters – Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Southwest Airlines Reservations

Established in 1966 by Herbert Kelleher and Rollin King, Southwest Airlines is one of the worlds low-cost airline. From 1966 to 1971, The company, known as Air Southwest company, started commercial operations. In the starting, southwest faced many legal battles, but it cleared every major problem to operate. For the first few years, the company flies only within the state. For the first nine years, southwest operated only between three cities. They were Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Southwest flights Reservations


The airlines boast around 58000 employees and operate about 4000 departure during the peak season.
The company uses a Luv potion theme. The flight attendants attire is in love costumed theme. They served “love potions’ and ‘love bites’ later known as peanuts and drinks.
Back when there was the Internet boom in the 90s, southwest airlines were the first airline to launch a website. It began in 1995, known as Southwest Airlines Home Gate. One could not book a ticket on the site, but a user was able to get up to date flight information and flight routes. A user could get a discount for flights as well as receive coupons. However, for the latest prices, you can take a look at Southwest airlines reservations.
Another thing, southwest airline is known for operation efficiency. They are one of the fastest airlines in the united states of America.


Southwest airline Reservation tickets

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Want to Book a ticket on South west airlines flight, Follow the steps.


Visit the website, choose the flight

  • Visit; you can find the homepage. Enter your details about your trip. For example, are you going for a one-way trip or round way trip? What is going to arrival and departure date? Southwest Airlines offers a discount from time to time, so make sure to check it.

Select the tickets

  • When selecting the tickets, choose the number of adults and senior citizens.

Choose the Southwest flight reservation.

  • Now, after searching for flights, a list will come, it’s the list of available flight for the particular destination.
  • You can filter the result according to preferences. By default, the options have set to departure time and availability.
  • In sort by the option, you can choose different parameters to find out the flights. It has the options of price, duration, and stops.
  • There are different types of tickets on southwest airlines. For example, there are senior fares, wanna get away, anytime.
  • These tickets come at different prices, so choose according to the preferred choice.

Ways to make the payment.

  • For payment, there are multiple options on Southwest airlines; you can pay via credit card, debit card.


Southwest airline Check-In options


Early Bird Check in – if you do not want to hassle when boarding your flight. You can try out the early bird check-in. For $15, you get check-in automatically before 36 hours and get assigned a boarding number. However, the pricing can vary according to flight timing and popularity of the route.

Online check-in –  southwest has a policy of 24 hours before check-in. Since southwest airline does not allocate seats at the timing of booking tickets, you can choose the seats on board while checking in.


Baggage Policy For Southwest Airlines reservation Policy


  • South west airlines are one of the cheapest airlines in the world. There is a reason for it. Do you know southwest airlines will fly you two bags for free?
  • That’s right. However, there weight and size should be under southwest airlines guidelines.
  • If you are carrying more than two bags, then you have to pay $75 each. Southwest Airlines does not have any hidden charges for the bags.


Check  baggage policy

  • As per Us airlines policy, There is going to physical inspection mandate by TSA.
  • Put some identification on the inside as well as outside of the baggage.
  • There are Name labels available at southwest airlines ticket counters.
  • Once you have submitted your luggage, you will receive a separate claim ticket for the bags, make sure your destination city matches with the destination on the claim ticket.


Size and weight Policy


Southwest flights reservations allow flying first two bags for free. However, there are some rules and regulations regarding it.

  • The first two bags should not exceed the accept weight of 50Lbs and 62inches ( L+W+H), in the case of the luggage is excess, southwest airline will charge $75. However, the baggage cannot exceed more than 80inches(L+W+H).
  • If the bags are still excess, more than 100Lbs, southwest airline will charge according to applicable overweight or oversize charges.
  • Exclusion – Military passengers who are on active duty or changing stations are not subject to the above rules. Provided that, their baggage do exceed 100lbbs and 80inches.


What if Southwest airline lost my item

It can happen with anyone on the plane. In the case of southwest airline lost any item related to a passenger. Southwest airlines have rules to manage the situation.

  • In Domestic travel, If southwest airlines have lost, damaged baggage, southwest airline liability is up to $3500 per passenger.
  • For international on-routes, the liability for per passenger is to $1600, but south west airlines reservations are going to change it in 2019.


Some restricted items in southwest airlines

  • Fuel Cells
  • Dry Cell Batteries
  • Spillable Wet Cell
  • Non-spillable Wet Cell


Lost and Found items In southwest flights

  • If you left an article on the place, immediately go to a southwest airline agent, so he or she can retrieve the item.
  • If you have already left the airport, give a detailed description of the item. Provide an email address also for getting regular information.
  • Southwest airlines make every effort to find the lost item, but they are not liable for unchecked items left on the airplane.


Disclaimer – On this page, we have provided information to the best of our ability, but if you still cannot find the relevant information. You can contact the southwest airline official website. All the information published here publish in good faith and does not make any reservations about the accuracy or reliability of the published information.

Any action you take, provided information on this website, is at your own risk.


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