How to use Google Flights to find cheap travel destinations?

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If you are looking for a travel destination, then this blog is going to be useful for you. We are going to tell you how you can find some cheap destinations for a perfect you. There is a reason why Google Flights has become one of the most popular websites on the internet to look for cheap flights. While there is a straightforward booking process, you can find the t low-cost destination using some tricks. We will share them with you, so when next time, you are going on holiday. You can use them. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Google Flights Explore

Using Explore option in Google Flights


There are two different explore options in The first one you can access it from the menu. It tells you about a place. Where to go, which month is best to visit a city and what are the tourist attractions in the city. This is the first explorer option.

Now, we will move to the next option, which helps us to find cheap holidays destinations.  We are going to take an example to understand it better. Let’s say you live in New York ;  you want to go on a holiday. You have not decided to date neither the location. However, you have a budget of let’s say $300 for a round trip. This budget is only for booking the flight tickets.

We need to find you an excellent location to spend a few days. Since there are many airports in NYC, we will choose all of them,

Go to Google flights website. Type new york in the departure bar. Then do not out anything. In date or arrival option. Click on search. Now You will see the flight location. However, these are the places with the normal fare; we want to see cheap places too. So, we go to dates option; There you need to choose flexible dates. Choose a specific month, let’s say September. Then click on done.

The list will be updated again to show you the places with a discount. However, if you do not want to travel locally, why don’t you give a try to international destinations. Go to maps, then zoom out entirely. Now the location will be internationally as well. When we update it, we could see a trip to Rome in less than $300 for a round trip.  There were flight offers from Barcelona, Madrid. Drag the price under your set budget. It will be again updated to show fresh places.

So, this is a way to find cheap locations on Google Flights. Check out our last article learn How to use google flights like a pro User?

Google Flights Calendar

Using Calendar to Find a price for a specific location

If you are not interested in going to a random place for your holiday, then this is the feature you can use to find low prices. Here how to do it. On the main page, choose the departure and arrival city names. Then put the dates. Click on search to see the results.

Now if you find the prices cheap, then it excellent. Otherwise go to dates, again. Here you can see the prices. If they are reasonable, it will show in Green color. You can see the fares for at least one year.

Finding layover locations

This is not precisely a google flights feature, but you can say its add on. Wherever you are traveling, make sure to see if there is a layover during the flight. If there is a layover, you can make it useful. Visit the place for free.

So, these are some trick to find out Cheap flight location using Google flights. If you have any other methods, Do share it with us.

Conclusion, Explore Google Flights other features and different ways to find cheap travel Destinations.  Read Detailed Information about Google Flights to book cheap tickets.