How to use google flights like a pro User?

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When you are searching for Flights on Google flights, there are many things in it, which can be easily missed. There are many features in it; Let’s tell you how to usee Google Flights, and you can become a pro user of it. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you how you can use them. So, please read it and next time, when you are using, Using these features can help you save money or Getting a Good deal.

To explain them, we are going to take an example of a flight between New York to Miami; There are multiple options and five features to use. 

How to use Google Flights

Date Grid  –

This is the first feature. In date Grid, you will see the exact price. The main objective of it is to suggest a cheap airfare on other dates. So, how does it work? As we said before, we are taking an example of a flight route from New York to Miami. The dates for it are between 28 August and 1 September 2019.

Now, When the flight list appears, you can see these Filters and option. As soon as you go to Date grid, it will suggest you; There are cheaper Flights available if you select other dates for your trip.  When you click on it, you can see on 27 August; the same trip will cost you $139. So you are going to save around $60. Now, this is the departure flight. If you are choosing a round way trip, then search for a date with cheaper airfare. So, you can save money on both sides. This is why these features are useful.  Let’s move on to the next one. 

How to Google Flights

Price Graph –

So, this is the second feature in Google flights to use. The primary things of it are to explore the price trends.  Upon clicking on it, you can see the price trends for this particular trip which we have Chosen. You can increase the number of days to see how the airfares are going to change.  For example, if we choose the five-day trip, the airfare would be around $296, But as soon as you can choose the ten-day trip, it would go down. The new price would be about $151.

How to GoogleFlights Price Graph

Airports –

The third is Airports features. It was quite simple. If there are multiple airports in your city, it will tell you what are the costs of thrips on those airports. Now, here with this trip, it will suggest a Total of seven airports, which we can choose as our preference. There is Miami International airport, Palm Beach International Airport, Orlando Melbourne International Airport, and key West International airport. 

Tips –

The last feature is Tips, in which you get a Guide. For this trip, when we click on it, We get a Miami Travel Guide. Click on View Guide where you can get information about the city. The information is about city tourist attractions, Hotel bookings, and One-day plans if you are in a hurry. 

Track price –

So, this is the Last features in Google flights during your Flight search. In simple words, when you are not sure about prices, you can track them by enabling this feature. Drag it right, and now google flights will send you the alert about latest airfares. Whether it will Go high or Go down, when you are tracking the prices, You can make a better decision to book your trip.

So, these are the Five main Features of Google flights. Upon using them, you can be a pro user of it. Now, we will see what are the multiple options to use. 

Bags –

This is the first option. You can choose bags to See the final prices. You get to select one carry on bag and one checked bag per passenger. As soon as you update them, the airfare will change so that you can see the actual airfare for the trip. For the journey, we have taken an example above, the fares without bags are $151, But when both bags, the fare went up to $211. The prices are still in Green. However, there are only American airlines reservations which are giving cheap Flights deal for the Route. 

Stops –

There are three sub-option here. If you want a nonstop flight, meaning direct flights between two places. There is one Stop or fewer, and the last one, Two stops or Fewer. Now, it is your choice what you want to select. If you want to visit a city during your Flight, you can use one-stop. So Google flights will Show only those flights which have one stop.

Then there is airlines option, in which you can select particular airlines of your choice. The price option is also there.

So, these are the features and options in Google flights, which you can use to become a pro user.  Read Detailed Information about Google Flights to book cheap tickets.