American airline is a major US airline. They offer service better than any airlines company based out of the U.S. In this guide; we are going to tell you how to find and select seats in American Airlines Reservations.

When you are booking your tickets, Go to American airlines official website, Fill out the information, when you are traveling, where are you visiting, departure and arrival information, then The number of adults. If you have children, then put all the information, click on search.A new page will open, where you can see every flight going to your place, choose the appropriate one. Then click on continue. Put the passenger’s information and book the tickets.


Choosing the seats in AA

Choosing a seat in American airlines reservation is not a hard task, but it requires a strategy to get a preferred position. When you book your flight, an option of choosing a seat will appear.You can select the preferred seat. However, if you do not want, do not worry, there are other ways of doing it. To choose your seat later or change it, go to American airlines reservation official website, look for my seat, then check-in.

Enter your name then booking reference; a booking reference is a code given by the airlines when you book the tickets. Could you enter it?
Here you can choose the seats; Some seats will be available, some will not. It all depends on the booking status of the particular flight you have chosen.

If you still do not get an option to choose the seats, American Airlines reservations say when you check-in at the airport or at the time of departure, they will assign you a seat.
In American airlines reservation, there are different categories of seats. It’s on you, which seat you want to choose. Some will cost zero dollars; some will cost you hundreds of dollars. So, before you decide to choose which one you want, here is little info about them to get a better understanding about them.

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The main categories in choosing seats are

1. Standard seats
2. Elite seats
3. Preferred seats
4. Main cabin seats

Main cabin seats are the American airlines’ large extra legroom seats. Some airlines of the American airlines have dedicated mini-cabin in main cabin seats. They do not offer any additional services with the main cabin, but you want to have extra legroom, you can get it with the main cabin. If you have AAdanvated status, you are eligible for the main cabin with half the prices.

Then it comes to the preferred seats; They are indicated while selecting seats with green color. They are preferred over the main cabin but do not offer any extra services. The standard seats have the legroom of 31-31 inches, close to the front area of the airplane. Check out our guide on Google Flights.

Things to consider as well

If you got a AA gold status, Platinum and Executive Platinum members, preferred seats are available for you without any cost. Then comes the elite seats, these seats are those who have gained elite status in America airlines reservation. These seats do not appear when you are booking the tickets. The seats from 12E-F and 13E-F are reserved for the elite bookings.

However, at the airport, while checking it, you may get to choose one. Standard seats are those seats, which can be selected by anyone. The bottom line is,if you are not willing to spend a few hundred dollars for a seat, then it’s better to wait and see what kinds of seats will be assigned to you. So, this is a guide to choosing a seat on American Airlines Reservations. For more such updates, check out our blog.