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Google Flights has become a trend for travel enthusiasts nowadays but this phenomenon is still new to many users. Let us understand why it is our top choice for Booking Flights and why should you switch to Google Flights Search for planning your trips. Booking a flight for going anywhere can lead to confusion. There are so many websites available on the internet; every site claim to offer you the cheapest market. However, as soon as you want to book a ticket, it so happens, many hidden charges also get added to your ticket. All these things create confusion. To clear all the confusion, Google Flights is the best option to book a trip. It has so many features; you can get the best prices if you apply some tricks and tips to find a cheaper flight. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with google flight search. How does it work? What are the ways to find the cheapest tickets?


There are so many ways of using Google Flights. A user can feel like having a superpower. However, for some users who do not pay attention to some features on it, may miss these powers. So, we thought of sharing these things tips with you. Please pay attention to the features when you are using them next time. You will learn how they are going to help you find a perfect deal. You can find these features when you are on the flight search page.

Date Grid – So, this is the first feature in Google Flights to give you a glimpse of the low prices. You see airlines keep changing their prices every day. Sometimes it can be lower on the next day, the other day it is going to be more expensive. So, when you check the price on the date grid, it is going to tell you various airfares between two dates. If you are a flexible traveller, you are going to adjust the dates to preserve some dollars.

Price Graph – How about seeing the flight prices in the past? Can it help you to get a perfect deal? Yes, it definitely can. This feature is going to tell you about the trend. The trend of the lower prices and higher prices in a month. In some months, you will see the prices are higher at the beginning of the month. Find the trend, book the tickets at the right date to find yourself a perfect deal from Google Flights. This was some of the features on Google Flights to find a great deal. Make sure to use them next time.

Finding a Perfect Deal on Google Flights

Using Google Flights is similar to any other flight website. Open your Browser. Visit or Go to google, and search google flight search. Click on the first link which appears on results. Now an interface will open. It is the same as any other flight booking website. You need to put information about your trip. Start with whether you are going for a round trip or one-way trip or multi-city trip. Read more about Booking cheap flights from New York to Madrid

Google Flights
Then how many passengers are traveling with you. Then choose the class. Google Flight Search gives you four options. Economy, premium economy, business, and first class. Fill the departure and arrival of city information. Then choose the dates. Click on search. A list of flight will come — one thing you need to be careful about. When you make a Google Flights Search, if you select a round trip. The results are showing departure flights. When you choose a flight, then you will be shown a return flight. It happens only with round trips. When you select the flights, then a list of booking platform appears. It could be a third party booking site or the official website. For example, when you try to book a ticket between Portland and Istanbul.  A list of total five booking platform will appear. Two of them are the official airline’s website, while 3 of them are a third-party website. However, based on dates, the results vary.  We can not expect the same results with the same price if we try after few days. After selecting the booking platform, when you click on it, Google Flight search redirects you to the website. Here you will see, the final tickets pricing and the dates. If you want to change the dates, some platforms offer this facility. You need to check if dates change is working to see a variety of prices. Click on continue. Some flight companies directly take you to the passenger information tab. Some require additional information before taking you to the passenger tab. Fill the necessary information there, and pay the total price on the payment page. Your flights are book with the lowest price available through google flight. However its a simple process of booking a flight. However, These are many features which make google trip unique.

Why use Google flights and why Google Flight IS Better?

There are several reasons for using Google Flights search to find your ticket.  We are listing some of those thoughts you can compare these features with other platforms. We are sure you will still find Google flight better. Use the Explore feature to find Cheap Travel Destinations. Flexible Airport search – If you are planning to visit a new country. Your budget needs to be flexible. However, if you want to visit multiple destinations in one country, it’s better to look for low prices at different airports in one city. With Google Flight search, it is possible to do so. When you start to search, on the arrival city option, as soon as you enter the city name, a plus sign will appear. Click on it to see the number of airports in a particular city. You can choose a various airport. However, it does not work for a different city even if you are searching in the same country.

Flexible Airports

Multi-city Traveling option –

If you are someone who is planning to travel to multiple countries at once. The multi-city option is perfect for you. You can add up to a total of 10 cities in different places. When you have selected all the destination, Google Flights will automatically search to show you the entire cost for your trip. This is one of the unique features of Google Flight search.  However you need to be careful when booking the tickets, you need to book the tickets separately and make sure to visit the website for looking at final prices.

Multi city booking

Types of Google Flights Filters

When you make a Google Flight search, there are multiple filters to search for an ideal flight. These are the list of filters you can use in Google Flights. Learn more about Google Flights other features.

  • Bags
  • Stops
  • Airlines
  • Price
  • Times
  • Connecting airport
  • More
Bags –

When searching for a flight, the baggage are not included in the search result. Adding Bags will reflect a different price.

Bag Filter Google Flight
Stops –

If you are traveling via different cities. This filter benefits you for choosing how many stops many you. Some passengers want to stop flight non. Some want one stop, so they get to visit another country for free.

Stops Filter GoogleFlight

Airlines –

If you want to travel Via your favorite airlines, In this filter, you can choose your desired airlines. Google flights search list all the flights here. Select one as your choice. If you need, you also get to choose via alliance. For example, Google gives three alliance list. Those three are star alliance, one world, and SkyTeam. 

Airlines GoogleFlight
Price –

Choose the amount you want to pay in price filter.

Price Filter Flights Google
Times  –

If you need a specific time to departure and arrival. You get to choose the option here.

Times Filter Google Fly
Connecting airports – In case you needed to make a stop in another country for some work. However, the city should be on the list of connecting airport. Google flights search will automatically add the list of airport, where you can make a stop. However, you should note that you can not add an airport on your own. It is only available in multi-city option.
Connecting airports Filter Google
More – In more options, there are two options available. One is the duration of the flight; another is whether you want to get one ticket for a round trip or separate tickets for each flight.
More Filter GoogleFlight

Share the Google Flights results –

If someone else wants the flight’s results for a particular result. You can share the results. To do this, search the trip, select the flight results you want to share. Then again click on it. It will take you to the final results, where a list of third-party booking sites with price will appear. In the above corner, the share option is available. Either you can copy the link to share it through Facebook or twitter. If you need, you can send the results to your email for future reference.

Google Share Flight

Using a calendar to find cheap flights –

A rigid schedule can hamper your budget for traveling. If you are flexible about booking your dates, you can get a lot of better deal. Google flights calendar features is a great tool in this matter. It easy to use. When you are searching for flights, look for dates. It also tells you price between dates in real time, so choosing a flight to become easy. In below, one can choose the number of days to make a trip you need.

Google Flights Calendar

Using flight Insights to look for a better option

You have tried every option, But still can’t find the perfect dates for your flights. Whether it is an airlines company or price. There is still one option you can avail to find the perfect price and perfect date for your trip. The option is known as flight insight. However, in recent update, Google flights have removed the title. There are a total of four options in-flight insights.

  • Date grid
  • Price graph
  • Nearby airports
  • Tips
Google Flights Insight

Travel Date Grid –

It shows a price comparison of 7 days. Use Google flights search to compare the prices from its historical data to predict future prices. It will show you when prices are lower in the green mark, and when the prices are going up, they are shown in the red mark. It’s a lot better than using a calculator.

Travel Date grid Google Flights

Price Graph –

If someone is planning for a long trip, then price graph is ideal. To use the price graph, first select the number of days trip. Then Google Flights will tell you the total cost of it. Looking at the graph, one can tell when the prices will go down and then up.

Google Price Graph Flights

Nearby airports-

If you want to fly to nearby airports, you can choose it in nearby options. Google flights also give you the option of adding the airport for traveling.  

Google Results Nearby Airports

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the fundamental question related to Google Flights?

In search of cheap flights, Google Flights is a crucial part. It is a flight search website. However, there are many questions related to it which our users ask us. So, we thought of compiling them and giving them out here. We have chosen the top five items. We will answer them one by one.

Why are Southwest airlines not on Google Flights?

The first question from our users, why we can not see the prices of Southwest airlines on Google Flight. We Tried to dig the answer, and here it is. Southwest airlines do not allow to monitor their fares. Not only Google flights, but you also won’t see their menu on many flight search websites. This is the shortest answer we could provide you.

Does Google Flights have an app?

When we got this question, we began our quest to find the answer. Last time we checked, we did not find any news about getting an app for Google Flights. So, first, we went to the Google Play store to find the app, but we could not find it. Then we looked for it on the Apple app store, where we did not find it. So, is there no app. As of right now, there is no app for Google flights.

Can you book through Google Flights?

Now, here comes the question. Can you book flight tickets via Google flights? Well, in a no. The reason is Google flights are the flight aggregator website. It means it’s collect all the flight prices from various airlines and show it to you. If you want to book them, you need to use a third party flight booking website. Whereas, Google flight is only a search flight and price website.

Why are google flights prices wrong?

One of the frequent questions asked by our users. They find the prices to be inaccurate on Google flights multiple times. The thing is, the prices are not wrong. In today’s scenarios, the prices are updates even on a regularly hours basic. This is why you see the changes. Google flights make sure to give to real-time prices of any given route. But sometimes, it does not get updates. Hence the rates vary when you finally book the tickets. We hope this answers your question.

What do separate tickets mean on Google flights?

Again, an urgent query. Though the answer is straightforward. If you are finding tickets for around tickets, you will see it. Separate tickets mean you need to book two different cards for going and coming. Google flights give you the option to book a separate ticket or together tickets.


If you need guidance about a place where you want to visit. It’s a great feature. Learn more about Google Flights features in How to use Google Flights. So this is all about google flights. We hope you will like the blog. Hope this guide on Google Flights will help you book cheap Flights.

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