Can Google flights new feature Transform flight bookings?

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If you are interested in travel hacks, you must have heard the news of google new feature called price guarantee. It is a new feature launched by Google for Google flights. There is Buzz on the internet about it, so we thought of sharing it with you. However, as we begin to research this, we had insight into another thing as well.

How will this affect the flight booking website who provide the services? They are already in a battle with Google flights. However, this new thing is taking the competition on a whole new level.  So, we are going to what price guarantee is, how it is affecting the competitors?


Google Flights New Feature

What is this price guarantee in Google Flights?

So, before we talk about anything, we need to understand what exactly it is. We will understand it via an example, so it will be easy to understand. Let’s say you are looking for a flight between Los Angeles in Miami. The dates do not matter here. Now the price of this trip is around $140. Now when you see the list of the airlines to book the tickets, you see two things — a price guarantee color badge in front of airlines and a short note in the upper section. For more details visit here

Why is it making Buzz on the internet?

Here comes the critical question, why all of a sudden, it is creating headline on the internet? Well there are multiple reasons for it. First is the Brand name, Google. When Google makes announcements, it creates hype. So, there it is. However, the real reason is behind the buzz is because of the users. People who frequently travels around the world say this, and Google flights are their first choice to search for flight bookings. They do not look for anywhere else. The reason is quite simple; It finds the best deals on the entire internet. No other site has been able to do this.

There are two reasons behind this; Google flights works on ITA matrix, whose sole purpose was to find the cheapest flight deals on the internet. The second is having massive amount of data related to prices of flights in the prices.

In simple words,  Google flights is the most powerful flight search engine on the entire internet.

SEO, Competition, and Innovation

Now, there are some essential things. Google flights work because it is also top results on Google search engine. When you search for a plane, it is likely to come in the top three results which makes it quite popular. The second thing is competition, which other flight booking companies are facing. When you are booking from a third party site, they are likely to charge you an additional fee for providing the ticket.

Many travelers get discouraged because of it. Where Google flights do not charge you a dime for using their services. So, this is another reason why there is intense competition.

The third point is about innovation. Why Could No flight booking site come up with the same idea? If the companies are not innovation, they are likely to be left behind.

So, this is all for today; we hope you are going to enjoy it.

Conclusion, Price Guarantee Feature is new feature in Google Flights. Check out Google Flights other features and different ways to find cheap travel Destinations.  Read Detailed Information about Google Flights to book cheap tickets.