When you want to a destination for a holiday, there are few of them which can take your breath away. Grand Canyon can easily make a position in the list. So, if you want to spend a few days in the lap of mother nature, then there is no better vacation destination then this place. So, we are going to tell you to find a cheap flight deal, hotel and what to see here. If you are planning to travel in the next few days, it won’t be hard for you to decide. We will cover three things here.

1. Finding cheap flight deals
2. A place to stay
3. What to eat
4. Safety Tips
5. What to do when you are here

Finding cheap flight deals to visit Grand Canyon

So, to find a low fare flight deal, you can take the help of Google Flights. It has a robust system to get cheap deals. There are three features in it which will help you to get the deals. These are date grid, Track prices, and price trend graph. When you are searching for the flights, you will know why we are saying it. Check them out.

grand canyon

A place to stay

Here you have two choices. Book a hotel via booking site, like Google flights, kayak or Expedia. The other way is to book a bed in the campground. Hotels are a little pricey here, so it’s better to reserve a spot in the campground. In our last post we talked about Best places to visit in Seattle. Check out the article here.

What to eat –

You don’t have to worry about it. There are several restaurants and Grocery around here. However, there are fewer of them at North rim. There are more at south rim. If we wanted to tell you about some recommendations at the south rim, it would be Bright Angel Lodge and El Tovar Hotel. If you’re going to try local food, then pay a visit to Canyon village market and RP’s state park.

Safety Tips –

Now, before we tell you about the places to visit here, you need to know some safety tips. This is an outdoor adventure. Carry a lot of water when you go hiking. Check the weather too because it changes dramatically here. Whenever you encounter a large animal, have at a distance of at least 100 feet. To get around, use parks’ free shuttle buses.

What to do when you are here – the first thing you can do is to visit the Grand Canyon Village. There is a spot here named Yavapai point. One of the best places to look canyon. It will take half a day to get around the village. If you want to experience authentic Native American souvenirs, you can head to Hopi house.

Bright Angel trail is an excellent place to start hiking. However, you should know it is 6 miles one-way hiking, so do not attempt to it in one day. Before you begin, check all your camping gear and store much water.

How could we not tell you about a Havasu fall?

A beautiful sight with crystal clear blue water. If you want to reach here, you will need to start hike from Hualapai hilltop. From here it is around ten miles. One more thing, again do not think about it if you are thinking about completing it in one day. It would help if you stayed one night for enjoying the place.

Seeing the Grand Canyon from above can be magical experiences. You can do it by going to grand canyon skywalk. It is about four hours from the village. However some travelers have criticized it for being too far and overpriced. You may also like our guide on a short guide to Las Vegas

So, we have covered almost everything for Flights and hotel, Google flights, some safety points and what to see here. If you think we have left, do tell us. So, what are you waiting for?